Contract With The Devil Achievement List

Piece of Cake Piece of Cake
Spend less than a minute on a mini-game
Skips aren't for us Skips aren’t for us
Complete three mini-games in a row without a skip
Genius Genius
Complete all mini-games without a single skip
Faster than Fire Faster than Fire
Spend less than a minute on a hidden object scene
Three out of Three Three out of Three
Find three items in three seconds
Detective Detective
Complete three hidden object scenes without hints
Bullseye! Bullseye!
Make less than five mistakes in a hidden object scene
Independent Independent
Complete all hidden object scenes without hints
Witch Witch
Make poison
Builder Builder
Assemble the projector
Alchemist Alchemist
Brew the elixir of truth
Deceit Deceit
Return the Treachery vice
Laziness Laziness
Return the Sloth vice
Gambling Gambling
Return the Gambling vice
Anger Anger
Return the Anger vice
Envy Envy
Return the Envy vice
Greed Greed
Return the Greed vice
Power Lust Power Lust
Return the Power Lust vice
Ritual Ritual
Complete the revival ritual