Containment: The Zombie Puzzler Achievement List

Zombie Butcher Zombie Butcher
Kill 100 Zombies
Zombie Assassin Zombie Assassin
Kill 500 Zombies
Zombie Murderer Zombie Murderer
Kill 1,000 Zombies
Zombie Massacre-er Zombie Massacre-er
Kill 5,000 Zombies
Zombie Tickler Zombie Tickler
Kill 10,000 Zombies
Oops! Oops!
Kill 10 Survivors
Friendly Fire Friendly Fire
Kill 100 Survivors
For the Greater Good For the Greater Good
Kill 500 Survivors
Epic Oops! Epic Oops!
Kill 1,000 Survivors
First Timer First Timer
Kill the first zombie in the Campaign.
Hidden Achievement
Vaccination into Mutation Vaccination into Mutation
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Buspocalypse Buspocalypse
Complete Act 1
Hidden Achievement
Movie Lover Movie Lover
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Endangered Species Endangered Species
Complete Act 2
Paleozombology Paleozombology
Complete Act 3 by defeating the boss without the forklift.
Winnar! Winnar!
Complete the campaign
Occupy Town Hall Occupy Town Hall
Complete all 20 blocks in Town Hall Survival
Grande Surround Grande Surround
Surround 15 zombies at once.
Venti Surround Venti Surround
Surround 20 zombies at once.
George Metesky George Metesky
Kill 5 non-Zombies with a single grenade.
Oh, the Humanity! Oh, the Humanity!
Kill 8 or more survivors with a single air strike.
Boom! Headshot! Boom! Headshot!
Shoot 10 zombies offmap with Sniper items.
Grand Theft Auto Grand Theft Auto
Open 20 vehicles.
Late Title Card Late Title Card
Witness the glory of aggressive fonts!
Con-GRAVE-ulations Con-GRAVE-ulations
Complete all 10 blocks in Graveyard Survival.