Community College Hero: Trial by Fire Achievement List

Reading is Fundamental Reading is Fundamental
Read an important guide.
Back to the 90s Back to the 90s
Make a uniform choice popular in the 1990s.
Super Sleuth Super Sleuth
Successfully investigate a crime scene.
Wellll...Hello There Wellll…Hello There
Entice a classmate with your greeting.
Playing for Keeps Playing for Keeps
Take a team-building exercise way too seriously.
Yay We Won Yay We Won
Win a team-building exercise.
Potty Mouth Potty Mouth
Use a curse word in front of a child.
What a Perv What a Perv
Get a reputation as a pervert.
Notebook Violence Notebook Violence
Attack a classmate with school supplies.
Mob Violence Mob Violence
Win a sparring session against a classmate.
Captain Powerless Captain Powerless
Let a classmate talk you into changing your hero name.
Another Appletini Please Another Appletini Please
Appear to be intoxicated on a viral online video.
That was so Lame That was so Lame
Make a lame comeback to a football coach.
You Totally Love Her You Totally Love Her
Embarrass a young child about his secret crush.
Ace a tough test.
Ouch That Didn't Hurt Ouch That Didn’t Hurt
Take a dive for a classmate.
Wombat Down Wombat Down
Take down a classmate at any cost.
Say Cheese! Say Cheese!
Make a stoic classmate smile.
I'm Not Doing That I’m Not Doing That
Stand up to a professor.
Was it Good for You? Was it Good for You?
Flirt with a professor for an A.
Pants on Fire Pants on Fire
Get caught lying.
Tattletale Tattletale
Tell the dean about a classmate’s violation of school rules.
Stonger, Faster, Better Stonger, Faster, Better
Earn an equipment upgrade.
They Really Like Me They Really Like Me
Win over some people protesting your school.
Swing Your Partner Swing Your Partner
Pick the right partner for a combat simulation.
Community College Villain Community College Villain
Watch a movie about a goofy villain training school.
You Make Me Horny You Make Me Horny
Use a uniform accessory during a romantic encounter.
Hold the Bacon Hold the Bacon
Fight for animal rights with a classmate.
This Seems Questionable This Seems Questionable
Kiss a classmate in church.
Jailbird Jailbird
Bail a classmate out of jail.
Don't Tell Him I Said That Don’t Tell Him I Said That
Make fun of Mega Cat in front of hundreds of kids.
Swinging Into Action Swinging Into Action
Show off at the press conference.
Rub a Dub Dub Rub a Dub Dub
Suggest a shower with a classmate.
So This is My Story... So This is My Story…
Share your origin story with an admirer.
A Handful of Paintballs A Handful of Paintballs
Survive a game of paintball.
Unzipped Unzipped
Reach for a classmate’s zipper.
Little Sis Little Sis
Reveal your platonic feelings for a classmate.
Hey Look Over There Hey Look Over There
Outsmart some rowdy locals in a honkytonk
Roll in the Hay Roll in the Hay
Have a makeout session in a barn.
Just Say No Just Say No
Stay loyal to your friends.
Lawyered Up Lawyered Up
Earn a reward from Professor McCormick.
Big Apple Brawling Big Apple Brawling
Earn a reward from Downfall.
Teacher's Pet Teacher’s Pet
Earn a reward from the Hedonist.
Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky
Earn a reward from Nil.
Long Distance Love Long Distance Love
Start a long-distance relationship with a classmate.
Leader of the Pack Leader of the Pack
Win a leadership vote among your classmates.