Commander Cool 2 Achievement List

Hello Stone Age Hello Stone Age
Start the first stone age Level
Onwards! Onwards!
Complete all stone age levels
Thorough Thorough
Complete all stone age missions
Shiny! Shiny!
Collect all stone age diamonds
Anti-Air Anti-Air
Kill the boss in level 5
Stay Cool Stay Cool
Survive level 10
Elevator goes up Elevator goes up
Beat level 15
Exterminator Exterminator
Kill 1000 enemies
Filthy Rich Filthy Rich
Collect 100.000 coins
Patience Patience
Die 1000 times
Need Backup Need Backup
Play story with 2 players
Hunter Hunter
Kill 10 enemies
Slayer Slayer
Kill 100 enemies
Well-of Well-of
Collect 1000 coins
Wealthy Wealthy
Collect 10.000 Coins
Grit Grit
Die 10 times
Endurance Endurance
Die 100 times
Run Commander, Run! Run Commander, Run!
Escape the T-Rex in level 20
Stop throwing eggs! Stop throwing eggs!
Kill the boss in level 25
And Stay down! And Stay down!
Kill the final stone age boss