Combat Monsters Achievement List

Rank Up Rank Up
Do your first rank up
Own all Humans Own all Humans
Collect every Human
Own all Elves Own all Elves
Collect every Elf
Own all Orcs Own all Orcs
Collect every Orc
Own all Dwarves Own all Dwarves
Collect every Dwarf
Own all Golems Own all Golems
Collect every Golem
Own all Zombies Own all Zombies
Collect every Zombie
Own all Lizards Own all Lizards
Collect every Lizard
Own all Minotaurs Own all Minotaurs
Collect every Minotaur
Own all Werewolves Own all Werewolves
Collect every Werewolf
Own all Elementals Own all Elementals
Collect every Elemental
Own all Cyclops Own all Cyclops
Collect every Cyclops
Own all Races Own all Races
Collect every Monster
Own all Heroes Own all Heroes
Collect every Hero
Finish Tutorial Finish Tutorial
Finish the introductory quest
Finish Quest 2 Finish Quest 2
Finish the easy quest
Finish Quest 3 Finish Quest 3
Finish the medium quest
Finish Quest 4 Finish Quest 4
Finish the hard quest
Make 3 Referrals Make 3 Referrals
Have three people use your code
Make 5 Referrals Make 5 Referrals
Have five people use your code
Make 10 Referrals Make 10 Referrals
Have 10 people use your code
Own all Skeletons Own all Skeletons
Collect every Skeleton
Finish Quest 5 Finish Quest 5
Finish the even harder quest
Finish Quest 6 Finish Quest 6
Finish the insane quest
Own all Robots Own all Robots
Collect every Robot
Own all Imps Own all Imps
Collect every Imp
Own all Spectres Own all Spectres
Collect every Spectre
Own all Armor Own all Armor
Collect every piece of Armor
Own all Weapons Own all Weapons
Collect every Weapon
Own all Shields Own all Shields
Collect every Shield
Own all Spells Own all Spells
Collect every Spell
Own all Runes Own all Runes
Collect every Rune
Own all Cards Own all Cards
Collect every card (plain or foil)
Own all Foiled Cards Own all Foiled Cards
Collect every foiled card
Own all Vampires Own all Vampires
Collect every Vampire
Win 1 Online Battle Win 1 Online Battle
Realtime or Async
Win 10 Online Battles Win 10 Online Battles
Realtime or Async
Win 50 Online Battles Win 50 Online Battles
Realtime or Async
Win 250 Online Battles Win 250 Online Battles
Realtime or Async
Finish Quest 7 Finish Quest 7
Finish the 1v2 quest
Own all Goblins Own all Goblins
Collect every Goblin
Finish Quest 8 Finish Quest 8
Finishe the 2v4 quest