Color Symphony 2 Achievement List

Start Adventure Start Adventure
Let’s start the game!
Stranger at Home Stranger at Home
Complete Chapter 1 to unlock.
Revealing Truth Revealing Truth
Complete Chapter 2 to unlock.
Partner Partner
Complete Chapter 3 to unlock.
Seed of Destruction Seed of Destruction
Complete Chapter 4 to unlock.
Eastern Edge Eastern Edge
Complete Chapter 5 to unlock.
Teammates Teammates
Complete Chapter 6 to unlock.
Settle Down Settle Down
Complete the final Chapter to unlock.
Land of Grief Land of Grief
Complete all stages of Land of Grief.
Dry Meadow Dry Meadow
Complete all stages of Dry Meadow.
Dark Forest Dark Forest
Complete all stages of Dark Forest.
Thank You for Playing! Thank You for Playing!
Complete the Main Story.
Conqueror Conqueror
Complete all stages of the game.
Collector Collector
Collect 75 hats.
Scholarship Student Scholarship Student
Get the highest score in all stages.
Wall Jump Master Wall Jump Master
Complete Stage 2 of Dark Forest.