Color Guardians Achievement List

We're not worthy! We’re not worthy!
Clear a level with no stars.
Well done! Well done!
Get 3 stars on any level.
Sorry, no princess in our castle Sorry, no princess in our castle
Defeat the Castle Boss.
Colorama Colorama
Grab 2000 color orbs.
Party Like It’s 2015 Party Like It’s 2015
Change colors 215 times on a level.
Put a ring on it! Put a ring on it!
Get diamond stars on any level.
Diamond glitter! Diamond glitter!
Grab 500 orbs the perfect way.
Castle Seeker Castle Seeker
Find all of the Castle’s hidden Tokis.
Lollilollilollilollipop Lollilollilollilollipop
Collect 100 big color orbs.
Tilting at windmills Tilting at windmills
Defeat the Windmill Boss.
Color Guardian jelly time! Color Guardian jelly time!
Stay 5 minutes on a level using Jellies wihout dying.
Flying high Flying high
Use windchopper for the first time.
I was in the pool! I was in the pool!
Fall into the water 3 times in a row.
I will never let you go I will never let you go
Fall into a pit with the chopper.
Rod-zenegger Rod-zenegger
Get to the choppa!!! Don’t miss any of the choppers on Windmill Level 6.
Rail master Rail master
Clear Crystal Cave level 6 without crashing any obstacles on the color rails.
Cama cama chameleon Cama cama chameleon
Clear a level collecting only multicolor orbs.
Really? REALLY?!?! Really? REALLY?!?!
Almost perfect a level and miss by one orb.
Rod Zombie Rod Zombie
Die 500 times.
Light at the end Light at the end
Defeat Krogma on Crystal cave.
No orbs for you! No orbs for you!
Complete a level without grabbing a single orb.
Goblin's aren't so bad Goblin’s aren’t so bad
Encounter the Old Goblin.
Hiking adventure Hiking adventure
Defeat the Mountain Boss.
You shall not pass You shall not pass
Clear the final Krogma level without dying.
No more darkness No more darkness
View the whole world with color for the first time.
Teamwork Teamwork
Clear a level with all characters.
I am the boss I am the boss
Clear a boss level without dying.
Look at those reflexes! Look at those reflexes!
Clear a speed level wihout dying or missing any orbs.
Not so fast! Not so fast!
Clear Crystal Cave level 3 without grabbing any orbs.
No fear No fear
Clear a level without passing through checkpoints.
Thank you for playing! Thank you for playing!
Clear the credits level collecting all orbs.
All safe! All safe!
Release all Tokis from their cages.
Hidden Achievement
The fixer The fixer
Clear a level playing with the secret character.
Everybody has a chance Everybody has a chance
Clear final Krogma level with all 3 characters.
Hidden Achievement
Paradox Paradox
Clear a Boss level using the secret character.
This is too easy This is too easy
Clear at least one extra level collecting all orbs.
Aiming for the stars Aiming for the stars
Earn a bunch of stars. (20%)
Starsky and Hutch Starsky and Hutch
Earn a big pile of stars. (30%)
Starry sky Starry sky
Earn an incredible amount of stars. (50%)
This is SPARTA! This is SPARTA!
Fall off a cliff 100 times.
One track mind One track mind
Get to the end of windmill 7 level without using a single jelly.
Color overcharge Color overcharge
Complete 5 bonus color sequences.
Check every door Check every door
Open all gates in Mountain level 2.
None left None left
Destroy every single goblin in Mountain level 3.
Clear Mountain level 6 without grabbing any orbs.
Legendary Legendary
Win all achievements in the game!