Colony Assault Achievement List

Just a scratch Just a scratch
Survive an explosion
Terminator Terminator
Personally shoot 1000 aliens
Contributor Contributor
Over 100 000 aliens killed globally
Clear sky Clear sky
Finish episode 1 on any difficulty
Clear sky nightmare Clear sky nightmare
Finish episode 1 on nightmare
Hawks claw Hawks claw
Finish episode 2 on any difficulty
Hawks claw nightmare Hawks claw nightmare
Finish episode 2 on nightmare to unlock nightmare++
Survivor Survivor
Finish survival mod
Recovery Recovery
Survive an alien attack
Salto mortale Salto mortale
Kill an airborn alien
Persistent Persistent
Survive 15 vawes in survival mod
The end The end
Activate the nuke and escape – survival mod
??? ???
Find the alien artifact in episode 2
Savior Savior
Extract 75 civilians in one game
Officer Officer
Finish episode 2 without personally shooting a single alien
Commander Commander
Finish episode 2 personally killing at least 10 aliens and personally liberating at least one civilian
Expert marksman Expert marksman
Kill 25 aliens in a row using a sniper rifle without missing a single shot – survival mod
Shotgun expert Shotgun expert
Kill 8 aliens in a row using a shotgun without reloading
Flamethrower expert Flamethrower expert
Burn 100 aliens using a flamethrower
Grenadier Grenadier
Kill 100 aliens using grenades or grenade launcher – survival mod
Minigun expert Minigun expert
Kill 10 aliens using a minigun in one full burst
Melee expert Melee expert
Kill 100 aliens using a bladed weapon – survival mod
Driver Driver
Traverse 33% of the sector driving the APC without stopping
Samurai Samurai
Kill alien princess with a bladed weapon
Too easy Too easy
Force 100 aliens into abyss
Road warrior Road warrior
Drive over 100 aliens