Colonial Conquest Achievement List

Junior General Junior General
Play at least 3 games
Copa del Mundo Copa del Mundo
Control Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, England, all of France, all of Germany, Spain, Italy
Return of the Thirteen Return of the Thirteen
Conquer all of eastern American coast with Britain (Quebec, Eastern USA)
Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg
As the German player, conquer the Low Countries on the first turn of the game
We want a Black President We want a Black President
As the US player, conquer Kenya
Shintoist or Taoist? Shintoist or Taoist?
As the Japanese player, conquer all of China
Gimme Oil Gimme Oil
Conquer Venezuela, Southern USA, Arabia, Ottoman Empire, Persia, Kamerun, Central Russia and Rumania.
Happy forever Happy forever
As any player, control all regions of Scandinavia, Iceland Canada, Australia and New Zealand
Little Boy Little Boy
As the US player, invade all of Japan
I love desert I love desert
As any player, control Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Horn of Africa, Arabia and Mongolia.
Coffee producer Coffee producer
As any player, control in one turn Colombia,Brazil and West Africa
German from Pensylvania German from Pensylvania
As a German player, conquer the Eastern USA
I love bankers I love bankers
As any player, control Eastern USA, England, Arabia, Malaya, Southern Germany and Honshu
Happy herb Happy herb
As any player, control Morroco, Siam, Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica and Afghanistan
Caliphate Caliphate
Hold all of Arabia, Ottoman Empire, Persia, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morroco and Spain
House of Hannover House of Hannover
Unite Victoria’s family by holding or conquering England, Scotland, North Germany, Southern Germany, Eastern Germany, Norway and Iceland
Gaming Passion Gaming Passion
As any player, control Western USA, Honshu, Sweden and Quebec
Winemaker Winemaker
Hold at the same time US West Coast (Calfornia), all of France, South Africa, Italy, Chile, Austria-Hungary and New Zealand
That is OUR language! That is OUR language!
As the US player, conquer England
Car monopoly Car monopoly
As the Japanese player, conquer North and South Germany
Bush on fire Bush on fire
As the US, conquer Arabia, Venezuela, Cuba, Persia and Korea
Finally independent Finally independent
As any player, lose all territories but Southern USA (Texas!)
Je bin Putin! Je bin Putin!
As the Russian player, conquer all of continental Europe
Center of Command Center of Command
Use all of your 20 movement orders in the same turn.
Conquistador Conquistador
Hold all of South America
Cresus Cresus
Hold a treasury of above £1,000,000,000
Hydropath Hydropath
Own all the game regions that are NOT adjacent to the seas.
Perfect ! Perfect !
Take a province without suffering a single loss.
Dominator Dominator
Have Dominated Earth with each and every nation
Berlin blockade Berlin blockade
As any player, subvert Germany
The empire on which the sun never sets The empire on which the sun never sets
Own a region in each of the game’s Theater
English World Domination English World Domination
Conquer all the Earth with Great Britain
French World Domination French World Domination
Conquer all the Earth with France
German World Domination German World Domination
Conquer all the Earth with Germany
Japanese World Domination Japanese World Domination
Conquer all the Earth with Japan
Russian World Domination Russian World Domination
Conquer all the Earth with Russia
American World Domination American World Domination
Conquer all the Earth with the Unted States
Shaka Zulu Shaka Zulu
Hold all of Africa
War Party War Party
Play at least 5 multiplayer games
Red Army Red Army
Get of above 100,000 Armies with Russia