Collisions Achievement List

Completionist Completionist
Complete all puzzles
Discoverer Discoverer
Find all bonus solutions
Explorer Explorer
Travel over 1 kilometer
Wanderer Wanderer
Travel over 5 kilometers
Nomad Nomad
Travel over 10 kilometers
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Complete every puzzle without making a mistake
Adept Adept
Complete one puzzle without making a mistake
Lucky Lucky
Find one bonus solution
Strategist Strategist
Win the minigame
Competitor Competitor
Win the minigame 5 times in a row
Addict Addict
Complete over 100 minigames
Debugger Debugger
Clear over 100 bugs
Exterminator Exterminator
Clear the bugs with 100% accuracy
Innovator Innovator
Find 5 bonus solutions
Mosquito Mosquito
Clear 5 mosquitoes