Cogs Achievement List

Apprentice Apprentice
Complete 10 levels in Inventor Mode
Chronometrist Chronometrist
Complete 10 Time Challenges
Precisionist Precisionist
Complete 10 Move Challenges
Cogsmith Cogsmith
Complete 50 levels in Inventor Mode
Chronomancer Chronomancer
Complete 50 Time Challenges
Master Precisionist Master Precisionist
Complete 50 Move Challenges
Aptitude Aptitude
Earn your first triple-gold award
Aurifex Aurifex
Earn 10 triple-gold awards
Tinkerer Tinkerer
Earn 100 stars
Widgeteer Widgeteer
Earn 200 stars
Gadgeteer Gadgeteer
Earn 400 stars
Sprocketeer Sprocketeer
Earn every star
Keymaster Keymaster
Unlock every level in Inventor Mode
Composer Composer
Earn at least bronze Time and Move awards on all music levels
Maestro Maestro
Earn triple-gold on all music levels
Pilot Pilot
Earn at least bronze Time and Move awards on all flying levels
Aeronaut Aeronaut
Earn triple-gold on all flying levels
Full Speed Ahead Full Speed Ahead
Finish a level in Inventor Mode in 5 seconds or less