Code of Princess Achievement List

The Adventure starts The Adventure starts
Completed the tutorial
Marco's Shop Marco’s Shop
Unlocked the shop
Sold Out Sold Out
Bought all items in the shop.
Princess War Princess War
Cleared the scenario with Solange
Thief's War Thief’s War
Cleared the scenario with Ali
Zombie War Zombie War
Cleared the scenario with Lady Zozo
Entertainer War Entertainer War
Cleared the scenario with Allegro
Famous in town Famous in town
Cleared 100 quests
Hero of the people Hero of the people
Cleared 500 Quests
Hero among heroes Hero among heroes
Cleared 1000 quests
King of adventurers King of adventurers
Cleared all quests
Item collector Item collector
Retrieved all items
Whole cast Whole cast
Unlocked every character
Code of Princess Code of Princess
Unlocked every achievements