ClusterPuck 99 Achievement List

Amazing Disc, Wow! Amazing Disc, Wow!
Complete the ClusterPuck 99 Challenge Mode
Legion of Doom Legion of Doom
Defeat and Unlock 49th Street
Perfect Puck Perfect Puck
Achieve a Gold Medal on the Target Practice Challenge
Brickhouse Brickhouse
Achieve a Gold Medal on the Goalie Practice Challenge
Puck Blocker Puck Blocker
Obtain Shotblocker medal 25 times
Pain Train Pain Train
Obtain Roughhouser medal 25 times
Greasy Egg Greasy Egg
Obtain the Untouchable medal 25 times
Fedora Trick Fedora Trick
Score 3 goals in one match
Dangerfield Dangerfield
Disrespect an opponent after a Slam Dunk
Extended Puckin' Extended Puckin’
Complete a 10 minute match on any level
Infraggable Infraggable
Win a Minefield match without dying
The Doof The Doof
Rack up 10 lifetime Oopsies
Scoring Machine Scoring Machine
Rack up 100 lifetime Goals
Grim Pucker Grim Pucker
Rack up 500 lifetime Deaths
Broad Street Bully Broad Street Bully
Rack up 1000 lifetime Checks
Puck Hog Puck Hog
Rack up 1 hour of Hold Time
Patience is a Virtue Patience is a Virtue
You patiently waited over 300 days for this update
Hidden Achievement
Daddy's Secret Daddy’s Secret
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