Clover Tale Achievement List

Pilgrim Pilgrim
Locations examined
Unlucky Unlucky
Failed locations
Pioneer Pioneer
Locations unlocked
Buyer Buyer
Goods purchased
Fan of Chests Fan of Chests
Chests opened
Rich Man Rich Man
Coins spent
Oligarch Oligarch
Crystals spent
Charged Charged
Energizers used
Druid Druid
Amulets purchased
Impetuous Impetuous
Used tools
Adventurer Adventurer
Quests completed
Hero Hero
Awards won
Collector Collector
Collections gathered
Wiseman Wiseman
Level reached
Firm Firm
Increased max energy up to
Stubborn Stubborn
Energy used
Feeder Feeder
Interactions with Crunchies
Animal Lover Animal Lover
Interactions with Porkies
Lizard Banisher Lizard Banisher
Interactions with Swifttails
Whistler Whistler
Interactions with Flyers
Fearless Fearless
Interactions with Shaggy-legs
Light-bearer Light-bearer
Interactions with Mollos
Master of Potions Master of Potions
Interactions with One-eyed Wormuses
Termites Annihilator Termites Annihilator
Interactions with Giant Termites
Gardener Gardener
Interactions with Blooming Swallowers
Yakshi Whisperer Yakshi Whisperer
Interactions with Yakshis
River Liberator River Liberator
Interactions with River Grabbers
Butterfly Conqueror Butterfly Conqueror
Interactions with Fluffy Wings
Mushrooms Picker Mushrooms Picker
Interactions with Spinemouth Fungi
Owls Master Owls Master
Interactions with Hootie-Hoos
Berries Gatherer Berries Gatherer
Completed: Berry Meadow
Honorary Honorary
Completed: Mushroom Town
Beach Lover Beach Lover
Completed: Little River
Lab Worker Lab Worker
Completed: Laboratory
Recruit Recruit
Completed: Warrior Academy
Bookworm Bookworm
Completed: Library
Beekeeper Beekeeper
Completed: Beehive
Reserves Keeper Reserves Keeper
Completed: Granary
Chiromantist Chiromantist
Completed: Marquee
Luck Collector Luck Collector
Completed: Clover Field