Cloud Chamber Achievement List

You Are About To Enter You Are About To Enter
Open the node You Are About To Enter in Chapter 1
Preparations Preparations
Open the node Preparations in Chapter 1
Ingrid Petersen Ingrid Petersen
Open the node Ingrid Petersen in Chapter 2
100 Billion Stars 100 Billion Stars
Open the node 100 Bilion Stars in Chapter 2
Did You Kill Your Wife? Did You Kill Your Wife?
Open the node Did You Kill Your Wife? in Chapter 3
In Friedrichshafen In Friedrichshafen
Open the node In Friedrichshafen in Chapter 3
A New Plan A New Plan
Open the node A New Plan in Chapter 4
Sound Of The Sun Sound Of The Sun
Open the node Sound Of The Sun in Chapter 4
Brilliant Minds Brilliant Minds
Open the node Brilliant Minds in Chapter 5
It's A Big Universe It’s A Big Universe
Open the node It’s A Big Universe in Chapter 5
Auditive Algebra Auditive Algebra
Open the node Auditive Algebra in Chapter 6
The Family Secret The Family Secret
Open the node The Family Secret in Chapter 6
Visionary Music Visionary Music
Open the node Visionary Music in Chapter 7
Message In A Bottle Message In A Bottle
Open the node Message In A Bottle Music in Chapter 7
Perspective Perspective
Open the node Perspective in Chapter 8
Run! Run!
Open the node Run! in Chapter 8
On The Edge On The Edge
Open the node On The Edge in Chapter 8
Ghost Circle Ghost Circle
Open the node Ghost Circle in Chapter 9
Revelation Revelation
Open the node Revelation in Chapter 10
How The Mighty How The Mighty
Open the node How The Mighty in Chapter 10
Booster Booster
Like a post or comment
Expert Upvoter Expert Upvoter
Like 50 posts or comments
Shrewd Observer Shrewd Observer
Earn a “Best post” badge
Woodward Woodward
Earn 10 “Best post” badges
Capable Commentator Capable Commentator
Earn a “Best comment” badge
Bernstein Bernstein
Earn 10 “Best comment” badges