Clockwork Achievement List

Welcome to Watchtower Welcome to Watchtower
Play the Game
7,200 Seconds 7,200 Seconds
Play the Game for Two Hours
Like Clockwork Like Clockwork
Finish the First Level
What’s Broken What’s Broken
Finish Act 01
Can be Fixed Can be Fixed
Finish Act 02
With Some Help With Some Help
Finish Act 03
Too Much Free Time Too Much Free Time
Finish the Game in One Session
Finest Hour Finest Hour
Beat the First Boss without Dying
Darkest Hour Darkest Hour
Die during the Act 1 Boss Fight
Power Hour Power Hour
Beat the Final Boss without Dying
Eleventh Hour Eleventh Hour
Die during the Act 3 Boss Fight
Time Marches On Time Marches On
Solve a Puzzle with a Shamblebot
Hunk of junk Hunk of junk
Kill a Shambler
Box Ticker Box Ticker
Solve a Puzzle with a Box
Vicious but Slow Vicious but Slow
Solve a Puzzle with a Sentry
Time and Time Again Time and Time Again
Die 5 times in one level
Time for a Break Time for a Break
Idle for 5 Minutes
Time Warp Time Warp
Place a Portal
Blink! Blink!
Use a Portal
Reflections Reflections
Solve a Puzzle using a Time Remnant