Clicker Heroes Achievement List

Zone Explorer Zone Explorer
Beat Zone 10
Zone Warrior Zone Warrior
Beat Zone 25
Zone Master Zone Master
Beat Zone 50
Zone Lord Zone Lord
Beat Zone 100
Zone King Zone King
Beat Zone 120
Zone God Zone God
Beat Zone 140
Zone Owner Zone Owner
Beat Zone 160
Bounty: Omeet Bounty: Omeet
Defeat Omeet
Bounty: The Green One Bounty: The Green One
Defeat the Green One
Bounty: Woodchip, the Rodent Bounty: Woodchip, the Rodent
Defeat Woodchip, the Rodent
Bounty: Queen of Bloops Bounty: Queen of Bloops
Defeat the Queen of Bloops
Bounty: Doppler, the Robot Bounty: Doppler, the Robot
Defeat Doppler, the Robot
Bounty: Rashon, the Duke Bounty: Rashon, the Duke
Defeat Rashon, the Duke
Bounty: The Dark Wizard Bounty: The Dark Wizard
Defeat the Dark Wizard
Bounty: Tako, Head of Octopi Bounty: Tako, Head of Octopi
Defeat Tako, Head of Octopi
Bounty: Tako Returns Bounty: Tako Returns
Defeat Tako, again
Bounty: Lagomorph of Caerbannog Bounty: Lagomorph of Caerbannog
Defeat Lagomorph of Caerbannog
Zone Pwn Zone Pwn
Beat Zone 1,200
Zoner Zoner
Beat Zone 1,400
Zone Pro Zone Pro
Beat Zone 1,600
Zone Crusher Zone Crusher
Beat Zone 1,800
Zone Connoisseur Zone Connoisseur
Beat Zone 2,000
Zone Annihilator Zone Annihilator
Beat Zone 2,200
End Zone End Zone
Beat Zone 2,400
Zoned Out Zoned Out
Beat Zone 2,600
Restarter Restarter
Ascend the world 1 time
Neverending Neverending
Ascend the world 3 times
Again and Again Again and Again
Ascend the world 5 times
Is this real life? Is this real life?
Ascend the world 10 times
Master of Reincarnation Master of Reincarnation
Ascend the world 25 times
Renew Renew
Ascend the world 50 times
Out with the old and in with the new Out with the old and in with the new
Ascend the world 100 times
Goodbye Cruel World Goodbye Cruel World
Ascend the world 250 times
Boss Slaughter Boss Slaughter
Kill 10 bosses
Boss Massacre Boss Massacre
Kill 100 bosses
Boss Exterminator Boss Exterminator
Kill 1,000 bosses
Boss Murderer Boss Murderer
Kill 10,000 bosses
Boss Genocide Boss Genocide
Kill 100K bosses
Guide Guide
Level up heroes 100 times
Coach Coach
Level up heroes 500 times
Teacher Teacher
Level up heroes 2,500 times
Mentor Mentor
Level up heroes 10,000 times
Levelupper Levelupper
Level up heroes 25,000 times
Super Levelupper Super Levelupper
Level up heroes 50,000 times
Killer Killer
Kill 100 monsters
Butcher Butcher
Kill 1,000 monsters
Executioner Executioner
Kill 10,000 monsters
Monster Genocide Monster Genocide
Kill 100K monsters
Terminator Terminator
Kill 1,000K monsters
Mass Murderer Mass Murderer
Kill 1,500K monsters
Proficient Clicking Proficient Clicking
Click 1,000 times
Sore Finger Sore Finger
Click 10,000 times
Carpal Tunnel Carpal Tunnel
Click 50,000 times
Broken Mouse Broken Mouse
Click 100K times
Finger Amputee Finger Amputee
Click 250K times
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Open 10,000 treasure chests
Considerate Considerate
Get 25 hero upgrades
Generous Generous
Get 50 hero upgrades
Benevolent Benevolent
Get 100 hero upgrades
Magnanimous Magnanimous
Get 250 hero upgrades
Zowned Zowned
Beat Zone 2,800
Z 3000 Z 3000
Beat Zone 3,000
Zone Devourer Zone Devourer
Beat Zone 3,200
Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet?
Beat Zone 3,400
Zone Conqueror Zone Conqueror
Beat Zone 3,600
Mourner Mourner
Bury 5 Mercenaries
Gravedigger Gravedigger
Bury 25 Mercenaries
Undertaker Undertaker
Bury 100 Mercenaries
Lifeguard Lifeguard
Revive 5 Mercenaries
Resuscitator Resuscitator
Revive 25 Mercenaries
Medic Medic
Revive 100 Mercenaries
Supervisor Supervisor
Complete 5 Gold Quests
Assistant to the Regional Manager Assistant to the Regional Manager
Complete 25 Gold Quests
Corporate Raider Corporate Raider
Complete 100 Gold Quests
Robber Baron Robber Baron
Complete 500 Gold Quests
Archaeology Student Archaeology Student
Complete 5 Relic Quests
Archaeologist Archaeologist
Complete 25 Relic Quests
Museum Curator Museum Curator
Complete 100 Relic Quests
Acquisitions Inc. Acquisitions Inc.
Complete 500 Relic Quests
Seeing Red Seeing Red
Complete 5 Ruby Quests
The Red Baron The Red Baron
Complete 25 Ruby Quests
Red Tide Red Tide
Complete 100 Ruby Quests
Red Sea Red Sea
Complete 500 Ruby Quests
Soul Taster Soul Taster
Complete 5 Soul Quests
Soul Harvester Soul Harvester
Complete 25 Soul Quests
Soul Trader Soul Trader
Complete 100 Soul Quests
Soul Banker Soul Banker
Complete 500 Soul Quests
Short Work Short Work
Complete 50 Five Minute Quests
Running Late Running Late
Complete 50 Five Minute Quests
Overtime Overtime
Complete 250 Five Minute Quests
Doubletime Doubletime
Complete 1000 Five Minute Quests
67.66 Repeating 67.66 Repeating
Bury Leeroy Jenkins
Merc Life Merc Life
Get a Mercenary to Level 5
Getting Your Money's Worth Getting Your Money’s Worth
Get a Mercenary to Level 10
You're Still Alive? You’re Still Alive?
Get a Mercenary to Level 15
Mercenary Champion Mercenary Champion
Get a Mercenary to Level 20
Exceptional Specimen Exceptional Specimen
Get a Mercenary to Level 25
Recruit an Epic Mercenary Recruit an Epic Mercenary
Recruit an Epic Mercenary
Team Leader Team Leader
Have 5 Mercenaries
Transcendent Transcendent
Transcend 1 Time
Transcendent Zone Explorer Transcendent Zone Explorer
Beat Zone 4000 After Transcension
Transcendent Zone Warrior Transcendent Zone Warrior
Beat Zone 5000 After Transcension
Transcendent Zone Crusher Transcendent Zone Crusher
Beat Zone 7500 After Transcension
Transcendent Zone Connoisseur Transcendent Zone Connoisseur
Beat Zone 10000 After Transcension
Transcendent Zone Annihilator Transcendent Zone Annihilator
Beat Zone 15000 After Transcension
Transcendent Zone Devourer Transcendent Zone Devourer
Beat Zone 20000 After Transcension
Transcendent Zone Conqueror Transcendent Zone Conqueror
Beat Zone 30000 After Transcension
A Glimpse Outside A Glimpse Outside
Acquire 50 Ancient Souls
Drinking Deep Drinking Deep
Acquire 100 Ancient Souls
Ancient Crusher Ancient Crusher
Acquire 200 Ancient Souls
Traitor Traitor
Acquire 500 Ancient Souls