CITYCONOMY: Service for your City Achievement List

A Rookie No More A Rookie No More
Complete 10 tasks of any kind
I Know What I'm Doing I Know What I’m Doing
Complete 50 tasks of any kind
The Professional The Professional
Complete 100 tasks of any kind
Cut It Short Cut It Short
Complete 25 tasks as a Gardener
No Parking Here No Parking Here
Complete 25 tasks as a Tow Truck Driver
Sucker Sucker
Complete 25 tasks as Street Sweeper
Don't Mind the Smell Don’t Mind the Smell
Complete 25 tasks as a Plumber
Clean the World Clean the World
Complete 25 tasks as a Garbage Man
Road Trip Road Trip
Drive 100 km
Walk of Life Walk of Life
Walk 50 km
Midas Midas
Accumulate 100,000 euro
Popular Vote Popular Vote
Accumulate 1,000 Citizen Satisfaction points
Expander Expander
Unlock all Contracts
Cityconomist Cityconomist
Own all types of Vehicles and buy all the Buildings
New Headquarters New Headquarters
Buy a depot
Sightseeing Sightseeing
Complete a task in Old Town
I Mean Business I Mean Business
Complete a task in Business Center
Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home
Complete a task in Residential District
Working Class Working Class
Complete a task in Industrial Park
Good Neighborhood Good Neighborhood
Complete a task in Suburbia
Boss Boss
Send an Employee on a task
Hard Up Hard Up
Take out a loan
There You Go There You Go
Repay a loan
Know-It-All Know-It-All
Unlock all skills