Chronicon Achievement List

Restoring Purity Restoring Purity
Complete Act 1
Loot! Loot!
Find and open a treasure chest
Crystal Collector Crystal Collector
Collect a total of 10,000 crystals
First steps First steps
Reach level 10
Favored Favored
Activate 25 shrines
Restless Sleep Restless Sleep
Complete “Trapped Refugees”
Captain No Moore Captain No Moore
Prove your worth
Family Values Family Values
Complete “A Lost Heirloom”
Oooh, What Does This Button do? Oooh, What Does This Button do?
Find and activate a secret area by pressing a super secret button
Treasury Of A Goddess Treasury Of A Goddess
Unlock and enter the Treasury
Ancient Rituals Ancient Rituals
Offer an Ancient Coin at the Altar in the Lower Temple Halls
Hidden Achievement
Sudden Death Sudden Death
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
More Loot! More Loot!
Find and open 100 treasure chests
Arachnaphobia Arachnaphobia
Kill 500 Spiders, Spiderlings, or Arachnids
Ghostbuster Ghostbuster
Kill 200 Ghosts or Wraiths
Smashing! Smashing!
Break 5,000 objects
Hidden Achievement
Hyaah! Hyaah!
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Shiny! Shiny!
Find a Legendary item
Bloodbath! Bloodbath!
Score a kill streak of 50 kills
Carnage! Carnage!
Score a kill streak of 100 kills
Massacre! Massacre!
Score a kill streak of 200 kills
Centennial Centennial
Reach level 100
Getting There! Getting There!
Reach level 50
Crystal Hoarder Crystal Hoarder
Collect a total of 100,000 crystals
Challenger Challenger
Enter a secret challenge area
Guzzler Guzzler
Drink 100 Health or Mana potions
Flaskoholic Flaskoholic
Drink 1,000 Health or Mana potions
Gambler Gambler
Gamble 100 times
Ghost Ghost
Cleanse the Altar
Pinned Down Pinned Down
Help the soldiers advance
Stopping The Stampede Stopping The Stampede
Don’t get trampled
Stamm The Breakable Stamm The Breakable
Clear The Living Barricade
The Key To Victory The Key To Victory
Unlock the Deepwood Shrine
Clear Skies Clear Skies
Complete “Storms On The Horizon”
Exterminator Exterminator
Complete “The Spider Menace”
Elven Paradise Elven Paradise
Find and enter the Mystery Garden
Ending The War Ending The War
Complete Act 2
Deforester Deforester
Kill 200 Treants
Jackpot! Jackpot!
Acquire a Legendary item through gambling
I Dare You I Dare You
Dared to enter an unstable dimension
I Double Dare You I Double Dare You
Dared to enter 10 unstable dimensions
Gladiator Gladiator
Enter 10 secret challenge areas
Stasher Stasher
Access your stash
Re-Schooled Re-Schooled
Reset your skill point allocations
They Call Me The Seeker They Call Me The Seeker
Acquire +100% or more Magic find (difficulty bonus not included)
Greed Greed
Acquire +100% or more Crystals found (difficulty bonus not included)
Power Leveller Power Leveller
Acquire +50% or more Experience gained (difficulty bonus not included)
Vacuum Vacuum
Acquire +50% or more Pickup radius
Face Tank Face Tank
Acquire +50% or more Physical Resistance
Perfect Match Perfect Match
Wear any full equipment set
Kill It With Fire Kill It With Fire
Disturb 10 spider eggs
Crystallionaire Crystallionaire
Collect an impressive total of 10,000,000 crystals
Elementalist Elementalist
Have at least 10% bonus damage in 3 or more elements
Elemental Master Elemental Master
Have +100% or more bonus damage in any single element
Elemental Immunity Elemental Immunity
Reach 100% resistance in any single element
All The Loot! All The Loot!
Find and open 1,000 treasure chests
Would You Look At That Would You Look At That
Find and open a Legendary Chest
Highscore Highscore
Have a Gear Score of at least 200%
No Running In The Hallways No Running In The Hallways
Get through The Lyceum
Vault Hunter Vault Hunter
Complete “Vault Hunter”
Regicide Regicide
Claim the Throne
Lab Assistant Lab Assistant
Provide your assistance in the spontaneous elixir testing
Gargowhat Gargowhat
Get in touch with the local arts
Curing Madness Curing Madness
Complete Act 3
Why Don't We Just Burn It All Down? Why Don’t We Just Burn It All Down?
Complete “Infestation”
The First Of Many The First Of Many
Complete “Patient Zero”
Courting In The Castle Courting In The Castle
Solve the Courtyard puzzle
Stasherer Stasherer
Expand the size of your Shared Stash
Stasherest Stasherest
Expand the size of your Shared Stash to the max
Baggy Baggy
Equip your first bag
Puzzling Puzzling
Solve any puzzle
Puzzeler Puzzeler
Solve 25 puzzles
It's A Trap! It’s A Trap!
Activate a trap
Knights Of The Living Dead Knights Of The Living Dead
Defeat all three Knights in the Catacombs in one session
Hidden And Trapped Hidden And Trapped
Survive the hidden trap in the Castle
Hoarder Hoarder
Have an inventory size of 50 slots
Doctor Huu? Doctor Huu?
Find Huu
Watching, Whispering Watching, Whispering
Complete “The Whispering Eye”