Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks Achievement List

Pull a Fast One Pull a Fast One
Spend less than a minute on a mini-game
Puzzle master Puzzle master
Complete three mini-games in a row without a skip
Finisher Finisher
Complete all mini-games without a single skip
Eagle-Eye Eagle-Eye
Spend less than a minute on a hidden object scene
The Rule of Four The Rule of Four
Find 4 items in 4 seconds
Piercing gaze Piercing gaze
Complete three hidden object scenes without hints
Good Shot Good Shot
Make less than five mistakes in a hidden object scene
Sniper Sniper
Complete all hidden object scenes without hints
Witch Witch
Make magic powder
Dispatcher Dispatcher
Land the plane successfully
Family matters Family matters
Find and return the wedding ring
The story's end The story’s end
Complete the game on any difficulty mode
Explorer Explorer
Complete the game (Expert mode)