Chronicles of Teddy Achievement List

Warrior Warrior
Kill 50 monsters
Super Warrior Super Warrior
Kill 100 monsters
Hunter Hunter
Kill 200 monsters
Super Hunter Super Hunter
Kill 500 monsters
Legendary Player Legendary Player
Kill 1000 monsters
Under the sea Under the sea
Kill Hazaura
No more spikes No more spikes
Kill Tara
I hate snakes I hate snakes
Kill Harao
Damn lizard knight Damn lizard knight
Kill Raizara
Ouch! Ouch!
Money! Money!
200 marbles
More money! More money!
500 marbles
I'm rich I’m rich
1000 marbles
I'm very rich I’m very rich
2000 marbles
5000 marbles
Let's rock Let’s rock
Sword Level 2
Master Sword Master Sword
Sword Level 3
It suits me well It suits me well
Tunic Level 2
I love this color I love this color
Tunic Level 3
I'm Batman I’m Batman
Tunic Level 4
My precious My precious
Ring Level 2
Splash! Splash!
Get buoy
To infinity and beyond! To infinity and beyond!
Get Angel Jump
Boing! Boing!
Get Wall Jump
I am the strongest I am the strongest
Get MasterScroll
Orb Red Orb Red
Get Orb Red
Orb Yellow Orb Yellow
Get Orb Yellow
Orb Blue Orb Blue
Get Orb Blue
Orb Green Orb Green
Get Orb Green
I made it! I made it!
Finish Star Road
I made it again! I made it again!
Finish Catacombs
Collected berries! Collected berries!
Berrie’s quest
Collected beetles! Collected beetles!
Beetle’s quest
Collected stars! Collected stars!
Star’s quest
Collected Diamonds! Collected Diamonds!
Diamond’s quest
Found! ( 1 ) Found! ( 1 )
Find 1 Firefly
Found! ( 10 ) Found! ( 10 )
Find 10 Fireflies
Found! ( 20 ) Found! ( 20 )
Find 20 Fireflies
Found! ( 30 ) Found! ( 30 )
Find 30 Fireflies
Found! ( 40 ) Found! ( 40 )
Find 40 Fireflies
All found! All found!
Find all the fireflies
I will not die I will not die
Buy a crystal
*Boing*! *Boing*!
Have a little chat Have a little chat
The riddle of the guard 1
Do you like sushi? Do you like sushi?
The riddle of the guard 3
Let me pass please Let me pass please
The riddle of the guard 2
I'm strong! I’m strong!
All Heart Container
Congratulations Congratulations
Finish the Game
A treasure ! A treasure !
Find all treasure
Another Palace Another Palace
Open the Dark Palace
One more time! One more time!
End NewGamePlus LVL1
I made it twice! I made it twice!
End NewGamePlus LVL2
Three time Three time
End NewGamePlus LVL3
Four time Four time
End NewGamePlus LVL4
Five time Five time
End NewGamePlus LVL5
How many time? I'm lost... How many time? I’m lost…
End NewGamePlus LVL6
Lexicom mastered Lexicom mastered
Lexicom Complete