Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode 1 Tides of Fate Complete Achievement List

Birth of the Dark Lord Birth of the Dark Lord
Passed the Prologue
Deadly Couple Deadly Couple
Defeated Zexor
Wrath of the Seas Wrath of the Seas
Defeated Moirena
What is it with you and Bridges? What is it with you and Bridges?
Defeated Zexor a second time
Rim Kingdoms Rampage Rim Kingdoms Rampage
Defeated Drea Nightshade
I Hate Snakes I Hate Snakes
Defeated the Lamian Queen
A Single Truth A Single Truth
Defeated Harbinger
Patricide Works for Him Patricide Works for Him
Defeated Exodes a second time
Hothead Hothead
Defeated Pyre
A Foreboding Wind A Foreboding Wind
Defeated Tempest
He Had it Coming He Had it Coming
Defeated Daman Vel
Everything Has Changed Everything Has Changed
Complete Valdrace Area
The Might of Cora The Might of Cora
Defeated Tera
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold
Defeated Zexor for the last time
The Tides of Fate The Tides of Fate
Defeated Harbinger for the final time
The Evil That Men Do... The Evil That Men Do…
Defeated Anto Calias
The Atrocity of the Gods The Atrocity of the Gods
Defeated Xe’on
No Honor Among Thieves No Honor Among Thieves
Returned the stolen Will to Sasha
Kill it with Fire! Kill it with Fire!
Defeated the Waegelein
Power of the Ancients Power of the Ancients
Completed the Arcanis Stone
Eternally Closed Heart Eternally Closed Heart
Learned about Anto’s background
Fallen Warrior Fallen Warrior
Found Rune Garnatea’s Sword
A Key to Somewhere... A Key to Somewhere…
Defeat the Indigo Knight
We Don't Need No Passwords We Don’t Need No Passwords
Defeated the Aetevian Knight
The Obsidian Loach The Obsidian Loach
Caught a Selini Fish
Fae Gone Wild Fae Gone Wild
Defeated Thelessa
A Key to Nowhere...Right. A Key to Nowhere…Right.
Found the Key to Nowhere
Interdimensional Siblings Interdimensional Siblings
Viewed the origins of Maga’ra
The Madwomen of Cora The Madwomen of Cora
Viewed the origins of Crysta
Bless You! Bless You!
Defeated Hazeezus
What Rolls Around... What Rolls Around…
Defeated the Vengeance Spirits
The Dark Dragoness The Dark Dragoness
Recruited Gelina
That Was Really Greedy That Was Really Greedy
Took the coins over recruiting Gelina
Still Alive? Bear With Us Still Alive? Bear With Us
Defeated the Dark Mistresses of the Zataron
Hope You Didn't Use Them Hope You Didn’t Use Them
Character dropped to Level 1 in the Zataron
Closure Closure
Completed the Zataron
What WAS that thing? What WAS that thing?
Defeated Appolly’ione
A Secret Room... A Secret Room…
Found the Developer’s Room
The Prophet The Prophet
Defeated Nejero
Child's Play Child’s Play
Destroyed a teddy bear
Completely Evil Completely Evil
Destroyed all teddy bears
An Impossible Feat An Impossible Feat
Defeated Tanya Botelho
Darkness Imprisoning... Darkness Imprisoning…
Beginning the Nightmare
Men After All Men After All
Completed Nightmare Vision