Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Achievement List

The Adventure Begins The Adventure Begins
Complete the tutorial.
The Tank The Tank
Win any game with The Raptor.
The Blacksmith The Blacksmith
Win any game with Linza.
The Thief The Thief
Win any game with Ozan.
The Mage The Mage
Win any game with Ariane.
The Vampyre The Vampyre
Win any game with Vanescula.
Doing It My Way Doing It My Way
Build a custom deck.
Finding Your Feet Finding Your Feet
Play 10 games in any mode.
Legends Assemble! Legends Assemble!
Unlock all the Legends in the game.
Just Warming Up Just Warming Up
Complete the bronze tier in solo.
Long Lasting Long Lasting
Have a weapon with at least 8 durability.
Packing A Punch Packing A Punch
Have at least 5 base attack in a game.
Tough As Nails Tough As Nails
Have at least 10 armour in a game.
It's On! It’s On!
Reach rank 1 in the ranked bronze league.
It's A Bit Dark Down Here It’s A Bit Dark Down Here
Start a dungeoneering run.
Moneybags Moneybags
Have at least 30 gold in a game.
Blade Sharpener Blade Sharpener
Have a weapon with at least 10 attack.
I Love Surprises I Love Surprises
Open a booster pack.
Dungeon Master Dungeon Master
Win a least 3 games in a single dungeoneering run.
Rampager Rampager
Win 50 games in any mode.
Moving On Up Moving On Up
Get promoted to the silver league in ranked.
The Training Gloves Are Off The Training Gloves Are Off
Complete the silver tier in solo.
Decked Out Decked Out
Build at least 3 custom decks.
So Many Choices So Many Choices
Draw at least 10 cards from effects in a game.
Working Out Working Out
Have at least 10 base attack in a game.
Crafter Crafter
Craft a card in the collection.
Shining Bright Shining Bright
Gain rising star in ranked.
The Student The Student
Complete an attack skilling challenge.
Mage Apprentice Mage Apprentice
Complete a magic skilling challenge.
Feeling The Heat Feeling The Heat
Complete a smithing skilling challenge.
Tooling Up Tooling Up
Open 10 booster packs.
We're Done Here We’re Done Here
Complete an entire dungeoneering run.
Crush All Who Oppose Crush All Who Oppose
Win 500 games in any mode.
League Of Veterans League Of Veterans
Get every legend to at least level 25.
I Love Gold I Love Gold
Get promoted to the gold league in ranked.
Diamonds Are Forever Diamonds Are Forever
Get promoted to the diamond league in ranked.
Graduation Day Graduation Day
Complete the gold tier in solo.
Tank Coming Through Tank Coming Through
Have at least 75 armour in a game.
Who Cares About Entropy Who Cares About Entropy
Have a weapon with at least 20 durability.
Slice 'N Dice Slice ‘N Dice
Have a weapon with at least 20 attack.
Weapons? Who Needs Weapons? Weapons? Who Needs Weapons?
Have at least 15 base attack in a game.
Jackpot Winner Jackpot Winner
Have at least 150 gold in a game.
Gimme Stuff! Gimme Stuff!
Open 50 booster packs.
The Slayer The Slayer
Win any game with Morvran.