Choice of the Petal Throne Achievement List

Noted Duelist Noted Duelist
Fight a duel.
Beneath Your Notice Beneath Your Notice
Pay shámtla to settle a murder.
Champion of Justice Champion of Justice
Refuse an unjust marriage.
Regret Regret
Make a big mistake.
Blessed by the Goddess Blessed by the Goddess
Romance priests of Dlámelish.
A Friend in Need A Friend in Need
Help a family member out of hot water.
Family First Family First
Help a family member in need.
Loyal to the Clan Loyal to the Clan
Complete both Family First achievements.
Bitter Heart Bitter Heart
Fail a lover.
In Command In Command
Prove yourself able to lead soldiers.
Defender of the Legion Defender of the Legion
Challenge any who insult the honor of your legion.
Dutiful Child Dutiful Child
Honor your arranged marriage.
Independent Minded Independent Minded
Escape your arranged marriage.
Tactician Tactician
Fight upon the officers’ platform at Sangmiré.
Soldier Soldier
Fight in the line at Sangmiré.
Infiltrator Infiltrator
Take Sangmiré by subterfuge.
Good Ally Good Ally
Prove a strong ally in battle.
Insubordinate Insubordinate
Anger your superior.
Unjustly Persecuted Unjustly Persecuted
Get court-marshaled.
Hero of Sangmiré Hero of Sangmiré
Win the battle of Sangmiré.
Victory from Defeat Victory from Defeat
Lose the battle at Sangmiré.
Silver Tongued Silver Tongued
Talk your way out of imprisonment.
Unlikely Rescue Unlikely Rescue
Get help from an unexpected source.
Defeater of Death Defeater of Death
Resurrect a companion.
Pious Pious
Give a great sacrifice to a god or goddess.
Legendary Legendary
Fight a legendary monster in single combat.
Scholar Scholar
Learn of the past and the Tree of Time.
Avánthar Avánthar
Visit the capital.
Globe-Trotter Globe-Trotter
See the world.
Conquering Hero Conquering Hero
Return home victorious.
Reunion Reunion
Bring your family safe through war.
Die Die
Perish in service to your heir.
Heaven Heaven
Rest in the heaven of your god or goddess.
Hell Hell
Be banished to the hell of your god or goddess.
Good Commander Good Commander
Keep Heréksa Rayána alive.
Not to Be Crossed Not to Be Crossed
Take an eye for an eye.
Unforgiving Unforgiving
Take an eye for an eye.
Magnanimous Magnanimous
Turn the other cheek.
Childhood Sweetheart Childhood Sweetheart
Marry your clan-cousin, Wave.
Egalitarian Egalitarian
Marry your second-in-command, Rayána, despite her low birth.
Love During War Love During War
Marry your fellow kási, Nirún.
Big Heart Big Heart
Marry Wave, Rayána, and Nirún.
Admirable Admirable
Inspire great loyalty.