Choice of the Deathless Achievement List

Aid a Goddess Aid a Goddess
Earn a goddess’s blessing.
Become a Partner Become a Partner
Make partner.
Become a Skeleton Become a Skeleton
Some damage you can survive, but you can’t heal.
Bright College Years Bright College Years
Share a meal with an old college “chum.”
Brutal Politician Brutal Politician
Earn points with a partner through political gamesmanship.
Consolation Prize Consolation Prize
You can’t save them all.
Demonic Intervention Demonic Intervention
Win with a demon’s aid.
Depose a Goddess Depose a Goddess
As in “take a deposition from.” You’re not that powerful—yet.
Die Die
It’s easier than you expect.
Divine Intervention Divine Intervention
Win with a goddess’s help.
Eager Romantic Eager Romantic
Start a romance as early as possible.
Finish the Game Finish the Game
Finish the game.
Firm Moves Firm Moves
Take a different path.
Get with Cass Get with Cass
Enter a relationship with Cass Chen.
Get with Vega Get with Vega
Enter a relationship with Vega.
Get with Wakefield Get with Wakefield
Enter a relationship with Ashleigh Wakefield.
Go It Alone Go It Alone
Solve Transdimensional’s problem on your own.
Heal Thyself Heal Thyself
Pull yourself together.
Hell of a Job Hell of a Job
Take a different path.
I Want My Life Back I Want My Life Back
Take a different path.
In-Temple Counsel In-Temple Counsel
Take a different path.
Master Player Master Player
Who cares if he’s killed gods? You don’t take a hand like that to the river.
One Step Ahead One Step Ahead
What’s wrong with this picture…
The Power of Friendship The Power of Friendship
Win by the power of friendship.
Pro Bono Pro Bono
Work for the public good, well.
Pro Bono, Solo Pro Bono, Solo
Who likes group work anyway?
Punch a Dark God in the Face Punch a Dark God in the Face
Why not use some old-fashioned fisticuffs?
Repay Your Debt Repay Your Debt
Pay off your student loans.
Sacrifice Play Sacrifice Play
Win through self-sacrifice.
Save Ash Save Ash
Protect your friends—and your enemies.
Save Smith Save Smith
Protect John Smith.
Sorcerous Rescue Sorcerous Rescue
Win with your firm’s help.