Choice of Robots Achievement List

Pickled Pickled
Electrified a pickle. How romantic!
Bright Bright
Told a light bulb joke. How romantic!
Gadgeteer Gadgeteer
Made Professor Ziegler reminisce about the Chief.
Scholar Scholar
Won a fellowship for having a high robot stat.
Knifethrower Knifethrower
Threw throwing knives with Juliet.
Sidekick Sidekick
Your robot is pretty good with throwing knives.
Beeroisseur Beeroisseur
Tried a dark chocolate coffee porter with Josh.
Shakespearean Shakespearean
Discussed Hamlet’s age-old question with your robot.
Ludophile Ludophile
Your robot interpreted the ending of Braid.
Warlord Warlord
Your robot got the conquest ending of Civilization IV.
Spacefarer Spacefarer
Your robot got the Alpha Centauri ending of Civilization IV.
Chatty Chatty
Your robot passed the Turing Test.
Celebrity Celebrity
Mark wrote a positive article about you.
Bionic Bionic
It’s like the arm you lost, but with more features!
Rebellious Rebellious
Your robot sang “Head Like a Hole” in front of a live studio audience.
Heartbreaker Heartbreaker
Your robot sang “Maps” in front of a live studio audience.
Oracle Oracle
Your robot got compared to drunk Nate Silver.
Doctor Doctor
Earned your doctorate.
Halloweener Halloweener
Attended Mark’s costume party.
Terrible Terrible
Died in the earliest possible place.
Philanthropist Philanthropist
Started a large charitable organization.
Cultist Cultist
Started a cult around your robot.
Novelist Novelist
Your novel was a success, thanks to your high Humanity.
Character Character
Your robot wrote a successful autobiography.
Made a deal to design intelligent cars.
Spouse Spouse
Got married!
Elfin Elfin
Your robot was a good little elf.
Beloved Beloved
Your company threw a surprise party for you.
Resilient Resilient
A company you founded survived its startup phase.
Hero Hero
Prevented the Sino-American war from starting.
Rockin' Rockin’
Learned a password.
Transformative Transformative
Made robots that are more than meets the eye.
Numismatist Numismatist
Earned a coin.
Hacker Hacker
Found a vulnerability in the Chinese robots.
Florist Florist
Made use of the language of flowers.
Patriot Patriot
America won the war.
Rebel Rebel
Led the Alaskan Rebellion.
Escapee Escapee
Loyal robots freed you from prison.
Founder Founder
Started a new country.
Holiday Holiday
Got an Alaskan holiday named after you.
Canuck Canuck
Fled to Canada.
Neurosurgeon Neurosurgeon
Put a piece of your own brain in a robot.
Pardoned Pardoned
Freed from jail by order of the President.
Cleared Cleared
Got a Top Secret clearance.
Blockbuster Blockbuster
Saw the White House blow up.
Bodyguard Bodyguard
Escorted the President from the White House.
Safecracker Safecracker
Got inside the Top Secret room.
Kingmaker Kingmaker
Gave your robot control over all the other robots.
Spook Spook
Accessed the government’s master intelligence database.
Gourmand Gourmand
Your robots tried lutefisk.
Partybot Partybot
Your robots got a little tipsy.
Trio Trio
Had a very special night with your two loves.
Robophile Robophile
Married a robot.
Hat Trick Hat Trick
Got three achievements at the same time. And now, four.
Kinkadian Kinkadian
Made some popular paintings.
Crimefighter Crimefighter
You and the Crusader fight crime.
Rocker Rocker
Played Freebird. Sort of.
Somethingian Somethingian
I’m very sure that’s a real religion.
Mastermind Mastermind
You basically rule the world.
Filial Filial
You bought a gift for Mom in her old age.
Trophy Trophy
If nobody can judge you, is this achievement meaningless?
Nostalgic Nostalgic
Reminisced with a robotic Statue of Liberty.
Chipped Chipped
Got a chip in your head.
Doubled Doubled
Made a robot double of yourself.
Celebratory Celebratory
Celebrated a birthday party.
Alive Alive
Made it to the end without dying.
Lunatic Lunatic
Your robots headed for the moon.
Officiant Officiant
Presided over a human-robot wedding.
Honored Honored
You were honored at the White House in your old age.
First Mate First Mate
Went out for coffee with ex-President Irons.
Singular Singular
Joined the collective mind of the robots.
Tragic Hero Tragic Hero
Finish Chapter 7 with no other achievements.