Choice of Alexandria Achievement List

Copy That Copy That
You invented a scroll-copying device.
Head Librarian Head Librarian
You became head librarian.
Automatic Doors Automatic Doors
You invented doors that appear to open automatically.
Optics Optics
You discovered the laws of optics.
Firefighter Firefighter
You invented a fire engine.
Tour Boat Tour Boat
Nefertari invited you belowdecks on her vessel.
Geographer Geographer
You discovered the size of the Earth.
Choice of Robot Choice of Robot
You made a functioning Archimedes automaton.
Sponsor Sponsor
You helped Ptolemy IV sell paintings at the Olympics.
Coach Coach
You coached Ptolemy IV to success in the Olympics.
Mentor Mentor
Ptolemy IV reached adulthood without becoming insufferable.
Colossus Colossus
Your Colossus survived to modern times.
Pons Asinorum Pons Asinorum
You saved Euclid’s life.
Royal Physician Royal Physician
You saved Ptolemy III from poison.
Let Them Eat…Knowledge Let Them Eat…Knowledge
Greeks and Egyptians alike can get a free education at the Musaeum.
Steamed Steamed
You invented the steam engine.
A Place to Stand On A Place to Stand On
You saved Archimedes.
Epic Epic
You wrote an impressive epic.
Germ of an Idea Germ of an Idea
You invented germ theory.
Long Live the Queen Long Live the Queen
Berenice survived for as long as you lived.
The Library of Thoth The Library of Thoth
You found the Library of Thoth.
Honorary Egyptian Honorary Egyptian
You were chosen to advise Nefertari’s new empire.
Pharaoh Pharaoh
You married Nefertari.
Royal Royal
You married into the Ptolemaic dynasty.
Master Manipulator Master Manipulator
You pull the puppet strings.