Chicku Achievement List

Break a leg! Break a leg!
Break your legs while landing.
Hat-trick Hat-trick
Unlock three hats.
Hungry for chicken! Hungry for chicken!
Die one hundred times in a single level.
Learn to fly. Learn to fly.
Stay airborne for one minute.
Entomophobia Entomophobia
Kill ten mosquitoes in one level.
Modifier Madness Modifier Madness
Play a brawl game with ten or more modifiers.
Bloodborn Bloodborn
Die one second after hatching.
Conquer the farm Conquer the farm
Complete the first world in Chicku.
 Conquer the forest Conquer the forest
Complete the second world in Chicku.
Conquer Barrington Conquer Barrington
Complete the third world in Chicku.
Need more hats! Need more hats!
Unlock fifteen hats.
Hell, I don't know about that. Hell, I don’t know about that.
Complete a hell map without dying once.
To hell and back To hell and back
Complete all hell maps.