Chef Solitaire: USA Achievement List

Bronze Whisk Bronze Whisk
Get a Combo of 5 Cards
Silver Whisk Silver Whisk
Get a Combo of 10 Cards
Gold Whisk Gold Whisk
Get a Combo of 15 Cards
Diamond Whisk Diamond Whisk
Get a Combo of 20 Cards
Bronze Spatula Bronze Spatula
Achieve 10 Perfects
Silver Spatula Silver Spatula
Achieve 25 Perfects
Gold Spatula Gold Spatula
Achieve 50 Perfects
Diamond Spatula Diamond Spatula
Achieve 100 Perfects
Petty Cash Petty Cash
Earn 250000 Cash
Money In The Bank Money In The Bank
Earn 500000 Cash
Bags of Money Bags of Money
Earn 750000 Cash
Millionaire Millionaire
Earn 1000000 Cash
Mix It Up Mix It Up
Use your Spoon 50 times
Grind It Good Grind It Good
Use your Grinder 50 times
Cut It Out Cut It Out
Use your Cleaver 50 times
White Wine White Wine
Complete 5 Restaurants
Red Wine Red Wine
Complete 10 Restaurants
Bronze Chef Hat Bronze Chef Hat
Complete 20 Restaurants
Silver Chef Hat Silver Chef Hat
Complete 30 Restaurants
Gold Chef Hat Gold Chef Hat
Complete the Game