Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night Achievement List

Please stand up Please stand up
Kill all 5 shades before defeating Darkness.
Groovy Groovy
Avoid losing your chainsaw to the lunatic
Vandal Vandal
Destroy the Statue in a single round.
It gets worse here everyday It gets worse here everyday
Die in the jungle.
Death and Glory. And Death. Death and Glory. And Death.
Discover all endings.
Welcome to Die! Welcome to Die!
Lose a game.
Make your Time Make your Time
Lose 100 games.
I forgot how to warrior I forgot how to warrior
Have your Reflex, HtH or Marksmanship reduced to 5.
Fisto Fisto
Punch Darkness.
Laser Lost Laser Lost
Lose your Laser Lance.
Laser Loser Laser Loser
Lose your Laser Lance twice in a single game.
Cruelty Zoo Cruelty Zoo
Murder the wildlife (Kill 200 animals).
Re-Dead Re-Dead
Kill 200 Zombies.
Waning Waning
Kill 200 Moon cultists
John 1:5 John 1:5
Kill Darkness 25 times on any difficulty.
Normal Normal
Beat the game on ‘Normal’.
Hard Hard
Beat the game on ‘Hard’.
Masochist Masochist
Beat the game on ‘Classic.
Glowin’ Glowin’
Take 200 points of Radiation poisoning.
Bleedin’ Bleedin’
Take 200 points of physical damage.
Turnin’ Turnin’
Take 200 points of Venom poisoning.
Clumsy Clumsy
Encounter 3 traps in a row.
Call Kenny Loggins Call Kenny Loggins
Reach the last 5 cards of the Pyramid deck.
Score! Score!
Gather over 10,000 points.
Sooner or later, you have to let go Sooner or later, you have to let go
Unlock the ‘Jaguar’ weapon
Masochist Plus Masochist Plus
Beat game on Classic Mode 5 Times
Darkness Trumped Darkness Trumped
Win game 3 times in a row in same session
Zomb-Icide Zomb-Icide
Kill 500 zombies
Fight Club Fight Club
Win a game with only the laser lance and fist as weapons (kit allowed)