Chainsaw Warrior Achievement List

Easy Easy
Beat the game on Easy setting
Medium Medium
Beat the game on Medium setting
Hard Hard
Beat the game on Hard setting
Monster Massacre Monster Massacre
Kill 1000 monsters in combat
Zombie Zapper Zombie Zapper
Kill 200 Zombies in combat
Chaos Crusher Chaos Crusher
Kill 100 Agents in combat
Rat Remover Rat Remover
Kill 50 Rats in combat
Mutant Masher Mutant Masher
Kill 50 Mutants in combat
Meat Murderer Meat Murderer
Kill the Meat Machine 25 times in combat
Slime Slapper Slime Slapper
Kill 10 Slimes in combat
Darkness Destroyer Darkness Destroyer
Kill Darkness 25 times on any difficulty
Bleedin' Bleedin’
Take 200 points of physical damage
Glowin' Glowin’
Take 250 points of radiation damage
Turnin' Turnin’
Take 100 points of venom damage
Death and Glory Death and Glory
Discover all 9 Outcomes
Fisto Fisto
Punch Darkness… Right in the face
Trap Trickster Trap Trickster
Use items to bypass 50 traps
The New York Chainsaw Massacre The New York Chainsaw Massacre
Kill 2000 enemies in combat