Ceres Achievement List

Miner Miner
Mine over 500 units of minerals.
Essence of Life Essence of Life
Mine over 500 units of water.
Rare Riches Rare Riches
Mine over 350 units of rare minerals.
Radiant Radiant
Mine over 350 units of radioactive materials.
Dancing Rocks Dancing Rocks
Find all the weird asteroids.
Friendly Fire Friendly Fire
Hit a friendly ship with a torpedo.
The broad side The broad side
Hit an asteroid while fast traveling.
Tin Can Tin Can
Get crushed by a gravity anomaly.
Ph Zero Ph Zero
Get destroyed by a corrosive cloud.
Electric Feast Electric Feast
Get destroyed by eels.
Harmless Harmless
Destroy 10 enemy ships.
Mostly Harmless Mostly Harmless
Destroy 25 enemy ships.
Dangerous Dangerous
Destroy 50 enemy ships.
Definitely not Harmless Definitely not Harmless
Destroy 100 enemy ships.
Grievous Grievous
Destroy 150 enemy ships.
Electric Destruction Electric Destruction
Get destroyed by an electric storm.
No Payment Accepted No Payment Accepted
Get destroyed by Charon the gatekeeper.
Turret Sticker Turret Sticker
Crash into a turret.
Enslaved Enslaved
Make sure all 6 of your ships have enslaved A.I.’s
Bought the store Bought the store
Empty a station’s merchandise market.
Pirate Squad Pirate Squad
Put together a squad of 6 ships that only feature pirate design.
Martian Squad Martian Squad
Put together a squad of 6 ships that only feature New Mars design.
Terran Alliance Squad Terran Alliance Squad
Put together a squad of 6 ships that only feature Terran Alliance design.
Indie Squad Indie Squad
Put together a squad of 6 ships that only feature Independent design.
Hydra Squad Hydra Squad
Put together a squad of 6 ships that only feature Hydra design.
Hostile Takeover Hostile Takeover
Capture a hostile ship.
Finders Keepers Finders Keepers
Salvage a ship.
Sly Sneakers Sly Sneakers
Successfully gain ship control through hacking.
Space Worthy Space Worthy
Reach experience Level 5.
Experienced Captain Experienced Captain
Reach experience Level 10.
Almost Unmatched Almost Unmatched
Reach experience Level 15.
King of Sol King of Sol
Reach experience Level 20.
Pest Control Pest Control
Destroy an eel’s nest.
Saviour of the Sol system Saviour of the Sol system
Complete the Main mission.
Lost Souls Lost Souls
Complete the Lost Souls mission.
Cetus For A Change Cetus For A Change
Complete the Cetus For A Change mission.
Hostile Intentions Hostile Intentions
Complete the Hostile Intentions mission.
Striking Distance Striking Distance
Complete the Striking Distance mission.
Crossed Circuits Crossed Circuits
Complete the Crossed Circuits mission.
Unwanted Presence Unwanted Presence
Complete the Unwanted Presence mission.
The Silver Bow The Silver Bow
Complete the The silver bow mission.
The Lost Boys The Lost Boys
Complete the The Lost Boys mission.
Deep Space Mining Deep Space Mining
Complete the Deep Space Mining mission.
Long Forgotten Long Forgotten
Complete the Long Forgotten mission.
Indentured Servant Indentured Servant
Complete the Indentured Servant mission.
Fragmented Mind Fragmented Mind
Complete the Fragmented Mind mission.
The Fleeing God The Fleeing God
Complete the The Fleeing God mission.
The Sacred Fire The Sacred Fire
Complete the The Sacred Fire mission.
The Fields of Punishment The Fields of Punishment
Complete the The Fields of Punishment mission.
Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty
Complete the Sleeping Beauty mission.
Seek and Destroy Seek and Destroy
Complete the Seek and Destroy mission.
The Drunken Bee The Drunken Bee
Complete the The Drunken Bee mission.
Electric Dessert Electric Dessert
Complete the Electric Dessert mission.
Zotiko Rising Zotiko Rising
Complete the Zotiko Rising mission.
A Murder of Eels A Murder of Eels
Complete the A Murder of Eels mission.
For the Needy For the Needy
Complete the For the Needy mission.
The Lost Viking The Lost Viking
Complete the The Lost Viking mission.
Vestal Remnant Vestal Remnant
Complete the Vestal Remnant mission.
Conquering Rogues Conquering Rogues
Complete the Conquering Rogues mission.
The Slumbering Beast The Slumbering Beast
Complete the The Slumbering Beast mission.
Faculty Faculty
Complete the Faculty mission.
Dug In Dug In
Complete the Dug In mission.
Hoarding Data Hoarding Data
Complete the Hoarding Data mission.
Needed Sacrifice Needed Sacrifice
Complete the Needed Sacrifice mission.
Waterworks Waterworks
Complete the Waterworks mission.
Wandering Rogues Wandering Rogues
Complete the Wandering Rogues mission.