Centauri Sector Achievement List

And So it Begins... And So it Begins…
A Unknown Pirate Patrol is destroyed
Lieutenant Lieutenant
Reach the rank of Lieutenant
Strength in numbers Strength in numbers
Acquire an escort ship
Ground Control I Ground Control I
Complete the first ground mission
Station Defense Station Defense
Participate in the defense of a space station
Elite Elite
Complete 10 missions in a row
Lost in Space Lost in Space
Lose the game
Who made this game? Who made this game?
Check out the credits page
Bug Hunter Bug Hunter
Submit a Bug/Feedback
Shopping Time! Shopping Time!
Acquire 5000 prestige
Lt.Commander Lt.Commander
Reach the rank of Lt.Commander
Commander Commander
Reach the rank of Commander
Vendetta Vendetta
Lose your fleet 3 times in a row
Sardaukar Sardaukar
100 Pirate ships destroyed
Prestigious Prestigious
Acquire 10000 prestige
Destroyer Command Destroyer Command
Acquire a Destroyer
Ground Control II Ground Control II
Complete the second ground mission
Ground Control III Ground Control III
Complete the third ground mission
Ground Control IV Ground Control IV
Complete the fourth ground mission
Vanguard Vanguard
Acquire 2 escort ships