CDF Starfighter VR Achievement List

Test Pilot Test Pilot
Thanks for supporting Early Access
Pioneer Pioneer
One of the first to explore the galaxy
Mine Clearance Challenge Mine Clearance Challenge
Complete the mine clearance challenge
On The Run Challenge On The Run Challenge
Complete the On The Run Challenge
One Man Army Challenge One Man Army Challenge
Complete the One Man Army Challenge
Survivor Challenge Survivor Challenge
Complete the Survivor Challenge
Smugglers Run Challenge Smugglers Run Challenge
Complete the Smugglers Run Challenge
Knowledge Seeker Knowledge Seeker
Spend more than 20 minutes in the CDF Database in one session
Spaceman Spaceman
Complete the Getting Started simulation
Rock On Rock On
Complete the Asteroid Training simulation
Combat Efficiency Combat Efficiency
Complete the Advanced Combat simulation
Pirate Pate Pirate Pate
Complete the Pirates Ahoy simulation
Alien Pate Alien Pate
Complete the Drii Attack simualtion
Independence day Independence day
Complete the Battle of Siduuk simulation
Just call me Sir! Just call me Sir!
Reach the rank of lieutenant in Scramble Mode
Class Pilot Class Pilot
Reach the rank of lieutenant 1st Class in Scramble Mode
Lead By Example Lead By Example
Reach the rank of lieutenant Commander in Scramble Mode
Legendary Starfighter Legendary Starfighter
Reach the rank of Commander in Scramble Mode
Everyone calls me Sir! Everyone calls me Sir!
Reach the rank of Captain in Scramble Mode
I`m dangourous I`m dangourous
Get 20 kills in scramble mode
Just call me maverick Just call me maverick
Get 50 kills in scramble mode
I like them scrambled! I like them scrambled!
Get 100 kills in scramble mode
Come with me if you want to live! Come with me if you want to live!
Get 200 kills in scramble mode
I see dead people I see dead people
Get 500 kills in scramble mode
This is Genocide This is Genocide
Get 1000 kills in scramble mode