Cats are Liquid Achievement List

New things to interact with New things to interact with
Complete World 3.
A gray square A gray square
Complete World 4.
Movement is impossible Movement is impossible
Complete World 5.
Nothing lasts forever Nothing lasts forever
Complete World 6.
Please don't do this Please don’t do this
Complete World 7.
It's all gone It’s all gone
Complete World 8.
The Exit The Exit
Complete the game.
Hidden Achievement
Always There Always There
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Pacifist Run Pacifist Run
Complete the entire game without destroying any moving enemies, in a single run.
God Mode God Mode
Complete the entire game without dying, in a single run.
Boost Boost
Complete Companion World 1.
Jump Jump
Complete Companion World 2.
Ghost Ghost
Complete Companion World 3.
Reset Reset
Complete the Reset level pack.