Catacombs of the Undercity Achievement List

Armed Armed
Find the best weapon
Bladefinger Master Bladefinger Master
Play three games of Bladefinger
Blindside Blindside
Blind a Shark Beast
City Slicker City Slicker
Reach Undercity
Classic Win Classic Win
Find the ultimate ending in Classic Mode
Disease Ridden Disease Ridden
Contract two fateful diseases
Freedom Freedom
Release some prisoners
Great Escape Great Escape
Escape from the plague carrier maze
Hand Tattoo Hand Tattoo
Join the Red Hand Gang
Infiltrate Infiltrate
Gain entry to the Red Hand Guild
Jumper Jumper
Fall from a bridge
Merc Recruiter Merc Recruiter
Hire all mercenaries available in Undercity
Necrophilla Necrophilla
Return Mortphilla’s restorative
Protected Protected
Find the best armour
Rat Catcher Rat Catcher
Help Kuldrum kill Ratlings
Respect Respect
Gain respect from the Black Hulk Mob
Saviour Saviour
Return a holy relic
Training Day Training Day
Make it past a training course
Win! Win!
Find the Ultimate Ending in any mode