Castle Invasion: Throne Out Achievement List

Hidden Achievement
Exchanging Peasantaries Exchanging Peasantaries
Complete Level 1
Hidden Achievement
Tipping the Scales Tipping the Scales
Defeat the King’s Dragon
Hidden Achievement
The Art of Trolling The Art of Trolling
Defeat the King’s Troll
Hidden Achievement
Just a Fletch Wound Just a Fletch Wound
Defeat the Evil Archer
Hidden Achievement
Stand Tall Stand Tall
Defeat the King’s Commander
Hidden Achievement
Receding Heir Line Receding Heir Line
Defeat the King!
Variety is the Spice of...Spears Variety is the Spice of…Spears
Hit Every Enemy Type With A Spear
Always Wear a Seatbelt Always Wear a Seatbelt
Knock A Dwarf Off A Hog
A Tall Order A Tall Order
Defeat 50 Dwarves
Spear Me the Pun Spear Me the Pun
Unlock The Spear
In to the Dark Ages In to the Dark Ages
Complete A Night Level
It's About Time It’s About Time
Collect 3 Stars In A Timed Level
On a Bow String Budget On a Bow String Budget
Fully Upgrade the Bow
Ex Spear-imental Weaponry Ex Spear-imental Weaponry
Fully Upgrade The Spear
Automatic Charges Automatic Charges
Fully Upgrade The Crossbow
Just Star-ting Out Just Star-ting Out
Collect 50 Stars
Star-tling Progress Star-tling Progress
Collect 100 Stars
Many Re-star-ts Later Many Re-star-ts Later
Collect 150 Stars