Carmageddon: Reincarnation Achievement List

Long Distance Runaround Long Distance Runaround
Complete the Mile Muncher Challenge
Wrecked'm! Wrecked’m!
Wreck your first Opponent
Hood Ornament Hood Ornament
Complete the Ped Popper Challenge
Got the Point Got the Point
Complete the They Don’t Like It Up ‘Em Challenge
Heads and Tails Heads and Tails
Complete the Split Personality Challenge
A Mountain of Meat! A Mountain of Meat!
Kill 100 targeted Peds in Ped Chase
A Ton of Tin! A Ton of Tin!
Wreck 100 Opponents in Car Crusher
A Load of Laps! A Load of Laps!
Complete 100 Laps in Death Race
A Century of Checkpoints! A Century of Checkpoints!
Hit 100 Checkpoints in Checkpoint Stampede
Fox Me! Fox Me!
Be the Fox for an hour in Fox ‘n’ Hounds
That's CarmaWang! That’s CarmaWang!
Complete the Hotwiring Hotstuff Challenge
MultiSlay Champ MultiSlay Champ
Complete the MultiSlayer Challenge
Metal Mangling Muthafecka Metal Mangling Muthafecka
Finish a Classic Carma Event by Wrecking all the Opponents
Proudly Unhinged Proudly Unhinged
Finish a Classic Carma Event by Killing all the Peds
You're Once, Twice, 10x a Psycho You’re Once, Twice, 10x a Psycho
Get a x10 Ped Kill Combo
Truly a Stunning... Truly a Stunning…
Achieve 100 Cunning Stunts
Bush Master Bush Master
Complete the Taking the Clunge Challenge
Ménage à Trois Ménage à Trois
Finish one Classic Carma Event in all three ways
You'll Take Someone's Eye Out With That You’ll Take Someone’s Eye Out With That
Achieve a Suck My Parts or Collateral Damage Bonus
Reincarnation! Reincarnation!
Complete the Up Your Carma Challenge
MP MegaPeep Murderer MP MegaPeep Murderer
Complete the MP MegaPeep Challenge
50 Shades of Red 50 Shades of Red
Complete 50 different Career Events on any Difficulty
Ooh, You Mean There's More..? Ooh, You Mean There’s More..?
Unlock Chapter 2 in the Career
Vinegar Strokes Vinegar Strokes
Unlock Chapter 10 in the Career
Filled 'Er Up! Filled ‘Er Up!
Buy all Parts in the Parts Shop for one Car
Slap It in 'Er Slot Slap It in ‘Er Slot
Buy your first Part from the Parts Shop
Total Banker Total Banker
Complete the Bulging Purse Challenge
Kick Me! Kick Me!
Kill 16,666 Peds
Batwick Will Be... Disappointed Batwick Will Be… Disappointed
Finish a Classic Carma Event by Completing all the Laps
Hidden Achievement
Unholy Trinity Unholy Trinity
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