Card Hunter Achievement List

Adventurer Adventurer
Save Ommlet from the Kobolds
Veteran Veteran
Complete all campaign adventures
Slayer of Melvelous Slayer of Melvelous
Defeat Melvelous the Magnificent
Cardstock Attendee Cardstock Attendee
Complete the campaign
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Complete all Basic Edition treasure hunts
Master of Artifacts Master of Artifacts
Complete Attack of the Artifacts
Hacker Hacker
Complete Expedition to the Sky Citadel
Questor Questor
Complete a quest
Knight Errant Knight Errant
Complete all campaign quests
Artifact Aristocrat Artifact Aristocrat
Complete all AotA quests
Cyber Punk Cyber Punk
Complete all Citadel quests
Defender of Woodhome Defender of Woodhome
Defend Woodhome from the undead
Squire Squire
Get MP rating to 1000
Knight Knight
Get MP rating to 1100
Baron Baron
Get MP rating to 1200
Count Count
Get MP rating to 1300
Marquis Marquis
Get MP rating to 1400
Duke Duke
Get MP rating to 1500
Prince Prince
Get MP rating to 1600
King King
Get MP rating to 1700
Emperor Emperor
Get MP rating to 1800
Rookie Rookie
Win one ranked MP game
Apprentice Apprentice
Win 10 ranked MP games
Journeyman Journeyman
Win 100 ranked MP games
Master Master
Win 1000 ranked MP games
Servus Servus
Win one league game
Novicius Novicius
Win 10 league games
Palus Palus
Win 100 league games
Primus Palus Primus Palus
Win 1000 league games
Collector Collector
Collect one legendary item
Common Collector Common Collector
Collect all base set commons
Uncommon Collector Uncommon Collector
Collect all base set uncommons
Rare Collector Rare Collector
Collect all base set rares
Epic Collector Epic Collector
Collect all base set epics
Legendary Collector Legendary Collector
Collect all base set legendaries
Rare Artifact Collector Rare Artifact Collector
Collect all AotA rares
Epic Artifact Collector Epic Artifact Collector
Collect all AotA epics
Legendary Artifact Collector Legendary Artifact Collector
Collect all AotA legendaries
Rare Cyber Collector Rare Cyber Collector
Collect all Citadel rares
Epic Cyber Collector Epic Cyber Collector
Collect all Citadel epics
Legendary Cyber Collector Legendary Cyber Collector
Collect all Citadel legendaries
Warrior Warrior
Get MP rating to 800
Soldier Soldier
Get MP rating to 500
Fairy Finder Fairy Finder
Find the Loot Fairy
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter
Find the Hidden Bandit
Ally Ally
Complete an adventure cooperatively
Complete the campaign cooperatively
Intern Intern
Complete Acquisitions Incoporated
Franchisee Franchisee
Complete all AI quests
Manager Manager
Complete AI hard mode