Candice DeBébé’s Incredibly Trick Lifestyle Achievement List

It isn't a myth... It isn’t a myth…
Had relations with a mermaid.
Sharp Sharp
Completed a sidequest for dear old Sean. Aren’t you a good girl?
Bad Beetle Bullet Bad Beetle Bullet
Defeated your first boss! What a babe xx
Don't u worry Brandz!!! Don’t u worry Brandz!!!
Resolved to go on an adventure to save the world… or at least a TanVan.
Spooky! Spooky!
Completed Natalia’s boaty request without ever talking to Natalia.
Digital S... I, uh, mean Hex! Digital S… I, uh, mean Hex!
Had relations with a tech wizard.
Mystical Medical Suppliez Mystical Medical Suppliez
Been on a… magical… trip.
Three Bulletz r better than 1 Three Bulletz r better than 1
Completed Merytl’s sidequest.
Why is she shooting out giant 1s!? Why is she shooting out giant 1s!?
Won a weapon from the digital beetle.
We never were the same again... We never were the same again…
Won a weapon from Digital Vicki
Challenge Yourself! Challenge Yourself!
Completed the Plantical Hex Sidequest. Bless that Shandi xx!
Have you been listening this whole time!? Have you been listening this whole time!?
Saved a dear friend from an evil pop diva.
Tremendous Chat! Tremendous Chat!
Had relations with a blingy king.
I'm holding my breath innit!? I’m holding my breath innit!?
Engaged in mer-rescue.
The HD Mushroom The HD Mushroom
Gone on another life-affirming trip.
Ohh Megaz... Ohh Megaz…
Witnessed your first Opera
But I... I'm afraid of fire! But I… I’m afraid of fire!
Gained a new power. Bless that Natalia, what a babe xx
Teeth Teeth
R r r r r respect your nan R r r r r respect your nan
Destiny has taken place. Definitely.
The mer you know! The mer you know!
Learned more about Xtobel’s past.
Let the Good Times Go Bad Let the Good Times Go Bad
Successfully taken over a concert.
Love Love
Got a lovely new weapon.
Mertail Combat Mertail Combat
Fought the memory of an old, fishy friend, and received a meraculous power.
Megaz Flare Megaz Flare
Fought the memory of a psychedelic friend, and received a mesmerising power.
You're my Hex Bomb You’re my Hex Bomb
Caught a technical wizard in an embarrassing act.
Supernatural Supernatural
Learned the truth about sexy ghosts.
Bounce Until the End Bounce Until the End
Saved the world from true evil.
For 20 For 20
Reached Level 20.
Flirty at Thirty Flirty at Thirty
Reached Level 30.
Naughty at Forty Naughty at Forty
Reached Level 40.
Nifty at Fifty Nifty at Fifty
Reached Level 50.