Campaign Clicker Achievement List

Landslide! Landslide!
Get 1 Landslide win
Decathlon Decathlon
Get 10 Landslide wins
Centurion Centurion
Get 100 Landslide wins
Destroy Debt Destroy Debt
Destroy 1000 dollars of the national debt
Edutainment Edutainment
Invest in education 1000 times
Guvernator Guvernator
Unlock the Guvernator
King Of Camelot, JFK King Of Camelot, JFK
Unlock John F. Kennedy
Nixon's the One Nixon’s the One
Unlock Richard Nixon
The man with no name The man with no name
Unlock Mayor Eastwood
Take the Whitehouse Take the Whitehouse
Earn your first victory
Tough Day! Tough Day!
Complete your first Campaign