Calm Down, Stalin Achievement List

The Ringin' The Ringin’
Unlock the Phone
The Glowin' The Glowin’
Unlock the Lamp
The Drinkin' The Drinkin’
Unlock the Vodka
The Bangin' The Bangin’
Unlock the Gun
The Punchin' The Punchin’
Unlock the Punching Bag
The Buzzin' The Buzzin’
Unlock the Fly
The Lenin' The Lenin’
Unlock the Lenin Bust
The Stampin' The Stampin’
Unlock the Stamps
Just a decoration... Just a decoration…
Unlock the painting
...or a necessity? …or a necessity?
Unlock the flagposts
Socialism in One Country Socialism in One Country
Complete the last level
The Endless Mastered The Endless Mastered
Survive the Endless mode for 4 minutes.
Just in time Just in time
Complete the game with no more than 2 optional levels
Stateman Stateman
Improve the State Integrity by 45% on one level
Tireless Tireless
Improve the Tiredness by 50% on one level
The Endless Politician The Endless Politician
Earn 10,000 score in the Endless mode.