Call of the Ninja! Achievement List

Learn to Flip Learn to Flip
Complete Training Level 1
Learn to Dash Learn to Dash
Complete Training Level 2
Learn to Water-Run Learn to Water-Run
Complete Training Level 3
Learn to Vanish Learn to Vanish
Complete Training Level 4
Learn to Climb Learn to Climb
Complete Training Level 5
Wipe Out! Wipe Out!
Lose all your Ninjas!
Save Everyone! Save Everyone!
Save all your Ninjas on Challenge Level
Five Shurikens! Five Shurikens!
Collect Five Shurikens
Impossible Mission Impossible Mission
Beat Level 12
Double Trouble Double Trouble
Complete Level 20
Lift Shaft Lift Shaft
Ninja Level 25
Nearly There! Nearly There!
Beat Level 29
Ninja Master! Ninja Master!
Complete the Final Test!