BuriedTown Achievement List

in winter in winter
Get through the autumn
in spring in spring
Get through the winter
in summer in summer
Get through the spring
in autumn in autumn
Get through the summer
Farmer Farmer
plant 50 potatoes
Hunter Hunter
make 25 pieces of meat
Fish Fish
make 100 water
Alcoholic Alcoholic
make 50 bottles of vodka
This is a war! This is a war!
make an AK47
passive defence passive defence
make an Anti-riot suit
Quartermaster Quartermaster
make a katana
Ninja Ninja
make a camelbak
Hi,Mr. Luo! Hi,Mr. Luo!
Meet Mr. Luo
So kind of you,Luo! So kind of you,Luo!
Friendship with Mr.Luo increases to 100%
Hi,Jeff! Hi,Jeff!
Meet Jeff
So kind of you,Jeff! So kind of you,Jeff!
Friendship with Jeff increases to 100%
Hi,Dr. Jean! Hi,Dr. Jean!
Meet Dr. Jean
So kind of you,Dr. Jean! So kind of you,Dr. Jean!
Friendship with Dr. Jean increases to 100%
Hi,Masako! Hi,Masako!
Meet Masako
So kind of you,Masako! So kind of you,Masako!
Friendship with Masako increases to 100%
Bang! Bang!
get a Magnum
Bam! Bam!
get a M40
Dadada! Dadada!
get a FAMAS
Horror fans Horror fans
get a chain saw
Whimsy Whimsy
get a bait
Terrorist Terrorist
get explosive
excited excited
drink coffee 50 times
more excited more excited
drink coffee 100 times
cheer up cheer up
drink coffee 150 times