Bugspeed Collider Achievement List

Graduation Graduation
Defeat your instructor in a fair fight.
Shooting Stars Shooting Stars
Launch your enemies into the sky.
Jelly Eater Jelly Eater
Enjoy a feast of jellies.
Fireworks Fireworks
Cool guys do look at explosions.
Fliphead Fliphead
Flip out on the lord of the jungle.
Friendly Fire Friendly Fire
Trick the firefly into zapping a minion.
Clean Break Clean Break
Clear the Ghostlands acid-free.
Slug Bug Slug Bug
Stop road rage from a safe distance.
1000 Steps 1000 Steps
Rest your wings while squishing the scarab.
Over the Weather Over the Weather
Beat the jewel of the sky without landing.
Upside Down, Inside Out Upside Down, Inside Out
Smash the skull whilst fighting wrong-way-up.
Paranoid Android Paranoid Android
Hey robot, remember when I said I’d kill you last?
I Killed Your Master I Killed Your Master
Defeat the final master without hurting their minions.
Hidden Achievement
Full Wallet Full Wallet
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
The Pain The Pain
Clear the Painforest in Ultra Arena.
Drums in the Deep Drums in the Deep
Clear the Deepwood in Ultra Arena.
Through the Storm Through the Storm
Clear the Ghostlands in Ultra Arena.
Streets of Rage Streets of Rage
Clear Crash in Ultra Arena.
Bright Ruin Bright Ruin
Clear Home in Ultra Arena.
Flying Ace Flying Ace
Clear Strato in Ultra Arena.
Glutton Glutton
Clear the Maw in Ultra Arena.
Fall of the Machine Fall of the Machine
Clear the Corp in Ultra Arena.
The Master The Master
Clear Slate in Ultra Arena.