Broken Bots Achievement List

Multikill Multikill
Kill 10 enemies
Massive Kill Massive Kill
Kill 50 enemies
M-M-M-M-Monster Kill M-M-M-M-Monster Kill
Kill 100 enemies
Mine! Mine!
Capture the enemy flag
Flag Master Flag Master
Capture 10 flags
Hillbilly Hillbilly
Score a hill point for your team
The hills have eyes The hills have eyes
Score 100 hill points
Zap! Zap!
Cause a malfunction with an EMP
Drop it like it's hot Drop it like it’s hot
Drop a turret near your flag
Can't touch this Can’t touch this
Absorb enemy bullets with your shield
Survivor Survivor
Survive 10 waves in survival mode
Sabotage Sabotage
Hack the enemy generator
Reboot Reboot
Cause a massive malfunction
Victory! Victory!
Win 10 games
Veteran Veteran
Play 50 games
Bullseye Bullseye
Snipe an enemy from a great distance
Miner Inconvenience Miner Inconvenience
Trigger an enemy mine
Number One Number One
Hold the highest score at the end of a game
Tis but a scratch Tis but a scratch
Kill 10 enemies while malfunctioning
Diversify Diversify
Play on every team