Bridge Constructor: Medieval Achievement List

King's Choice King’s Choice
Earned 10 crowns!
King's Favorite King’s Favorite
Earned 20 crowns!
King's Hero King’s Hero
Earned 30 crowns!
God of Crowns! God of Crowns!
Earned all crowns!
Apprentice Apprentice
Score is 50,000 points or higher.
Fellow Fellow
Score is 100,000 points or higher.
Master Builder Master Builder
Score is 250,000 points or higher.
Executioner Executioner
Plunged a total of 20 enemies into the abyss.
Angel of Death Angel of Death
Plunged a total of 50 enemies into the abyss.
Guardian Guardian
Rescued 15 of your own units from enemy fire.
Guardian Angel Guardian Angel
Rescued 30 of your own units from enemy fire.
Treasurer's Friend Treasurer’s Friend
Undercut crown budget by 1000.
Treasurer's Favorite Treasurer’s Favorite
Undercut crown budget by 3,000.
Monumental Construction Monumental Construction
Built a bridge with at least 100 components.