Brick Inventions Achievement List

Half Way Through Half Way Through
Complete the first 8 singleplayer levels.
Level Completionist Level Completionist
Complete all 16 singleplayer levels.
Veteran Challenger Veteran Challenger
Complete 8 levels in the challange mode.
Master Challenger Master Challenger
Complete all 16 levels in the challenge mode.
Hidden Achievement
Hover Ball Hover Ball
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Priority Target Priority Target
Complete Level 16 without destroying the towers.
100 000 Blocks 100 000 Blocks
Place 100 000 blocks in the game.
1 Million Blocks 1 Million Blocks
Place 1 million blocks in the game.
Reaching space Reaching space
Shoot a block up to a height of 1000m.
Multiplayer Multiplayer
Play a multiplayer game.
Multiplayer Winner Multiplayer Winner
Win a multiplayer game.
Multiplayer Winner 10 Multiplayer Winner 10
Win 10 multiplayer games.
Multiplayer Winner 100 Multiplayer Winner 100
Win 100 multiplayer games.
Multiplayer Rusher Multiplayer Rusher
Win a multiplayer game in under 5 minutes.
Read the Instructions Read the Instructions
Complete the tutorial level.