BoxesWithGuns Achievement List

Gamestart Gamestart
Start the game
Rankings Rankings
Check out the ranks
Unlucky Unlucky
Find and submit a bug
Kills Kills
Kill 100 enemies
Lost Lost
Lose a game in 5 seconds
Epilepsie Epilepsie
Play at least 5 hours
Box lost Box lost
Lose 50 boxes
Submission Submission
Submit a score to the leaderboards.
Upgrade Upgrade
Upgrade a weapon 10 times
Shopping addiction Shopping addiction
Buy 5 weapons
Die with honor Die with honor
Lose a game without losing a box
Endurance Endurance
Total Playtime 40h
Mouse Rallye Mouse Rallye
Move your mouse 10 kilometers inside the game
Gold Miner Gold Miner
Collect 10000 Nuggets
Love your enemies Love your enemies
Survive a song but destroy not more than 3 ememies
Love your enemies really Love your enemies really
Survive a song without destroying an enemy
Don´t break through Don´t break through
Finish 1 game without hitting the wall