Bot Vice Achievement List

Revenger Revenger
Beat the game!
A-Gent A-Gent
Get time rank A in any stage.
A-Venger A-Venger
Get time rank A in all stages.
Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts
Beat all stages with 4 life hearts.
Gungirl Gungirl
Beat any stage without using special weapons.
Fearless Thunder Fearless Thunder
Beat any stage without losing any cover object.
The Ripper The Ripper
Destroy 100 enemies using the saber.
Shot-Chop Shot-Chop
Destroy 100 enemy projectiles using the saber.
Killjoy Killjoy
Destroy 100 Fish Bot’s bubbles.
Law AND Order Law AND Order
Beat Stage 1 without destroying any car by yourself.
Swaggirl Swaggirl
Beat Stage 2 without destroying the green truck.
Clean Shooting Clean Shooting
Beat Stage 3 without using grenades.
Civilized Civilized
Beat Stage 4 without destroying the bulldozer.
Know Your Enemy Know Your Enemy
Beat Stage 5 without destroying the cars.
Precision Mission Precision Mission
Beat Stage 8 without destroying the boxes yourself.
Hit-And-Run Hit-And-Run
Beat Stage 9, and let the trains hit 15 enemies!
Hell Stopper Hell Stopper
Beat Stage 10 without destroying the gas tanks.
Boulder Dodger Boulder Dodger
Beat Stage 11 without getting hit by falling rocks.
Deserve No Bullet Deserve No Bullet
Beat Stage 12 without destroying divers during the boss battle.
Dancing in the Beamlight Dancing in the Beamlight
Beat Stage 13 without getting hit by the boss laser beam.
Biohazard Biohazard
Beat Stage 14 without getting hit by poison gas.
Rocket Wizard Rocket Wizard
Beat Stage 15 without getting hit by the boss air-to-ground missiles.
Reflex Masta Reflex Masta
Beat Stage 16 without getting hit by the boss’ flame blade.
Fan Fest Fan Fest
Beat Stage 17 destroying both fans.
Wind of Flames Wind of Flames
Beat Stage 18 without getting hit by the Fungo Bot flames.
No Lab No Glory No Lab No Glory
Beat Stage 19 without destroying any test capsule.
Blasting Blasting
Beat Stage 19 destroying all test capsules.
Vengeful Instinct Vengeful Instinct
Beat Stage 20 finishing the boss just when he’s invisible.
Scoot Shooting Scoot Shooting
Beat Stage 21 destroying 15 red flying bikes.
Inquisition Inquisition
Beat Stage 23 destroying all statues.
Goliath Goliath
Beat Stage 25 using no special weapons during the first round of the battle.
Lun-Attic Nonsense Lun-Attic Nonsense
Beat Stage 25 using no special weapons during the second round of the battle.
The Botfather The Botfather
Beat the Extra Missions mode.